About Black Chefs Network


Black Chef’s Network is a social networking site created for African-American and minority chefs. BCN provides a platform where chefs can interact with other culinary professionals, create and upload original content, share techniques and recipes, while expanding their creativity and portfolio. The network serves to empower culinary professionals and chefs alike, using technology to bridge the gap. This platform allows users to expand their knowledge and acquire the skills necessary to compete in the culinary industry.



Inspiration comes in many forms. Individuals find their sources of inspiration through people, music, art, and cultural influence. Black Chef’s Network recognizes the importance of one staying true to themselves. Each individual is different. Black Chef’s Network has created a platform to where you can remain true your craft, without compromise. Be Original. Be Unique. Be Inspired! Be YOU!



“Our story is your story…” By definition, to empower, is to promote self-actualization or influence. BCN serves to be a source of inspiration and empowerment for chefs with limited opportunities and resources. We are the primary “go-to” resource for personal, event, and industry leaders to acquire minority chefs and culinary professionals to fulfill their food and entertainment needs.