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Posted on 2016 10 14 11:51:29

Here at Black Chef’s Network, we are committed to educating chefs on all aspects of building a successful brand. This includes, but is not limited to providing tips and information in the following sectors: public relations, branding, and marketing. Here are some tips to help brand and market yourselves as well as your business. 

  • Always highlight your “specialties”. Potential clients look for and will pay for expertise in a particular fields (i.e. pastry chef, vegan, paleo, vegetarian specialist).


  • Provide unique content that will empower others to perform a task, they could not accomplish before (i.e. D.I.Y or How-To)


  • What is your brand composed of? What are you showcasing or exhibiting? Consistency is key. 


  • If you are selling a particular product or service, there should be a designated social media page (or website) promoting that product or service. It is not good business practice to merge personal social media pages with your business page. This is a grave error which causes culinary professionals to lose potential clients. 


  • Are you engaged with your audience? To increase interaction with your social media followers, engage! Use your social media channels as a platform to educate your followers on your products and services you offer. This helps to create a dialogue where you can communicate and build relationships with potential clients and industry professionals.  


  • Learn to efficiently utilize the platform that will reach your followers. Most chefs use social media platforms such as Periscope or SnapChat to interact and educate other chefs, cooks, and students. Highlight basic techniques such as frosting a cake or provide how-to steps to make recipes of your choice. 


  • Build a positive rapport with people within your industry and beyond. You never know when someone will have you in mind for an opportunity that will drastically change your life. If you stay ready, you do not have to get ready.


  • Always continue to educate yourself. Whether taking a class, attending a seminar, or apprenticeship, the more you know, the more you grow.


Now that you have been provided with a guide to begin establishing and expanding your brand on digital and social media platforms, it is up to you to add these ingredients into your mixing bowl for success. Remember knowledge is only potential power, until you translate that knowledge into action.

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Great article! Very informative and to the point.