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Posted on 2016 10 14 12:07:04

As Social Media Manager for Black Chef’s Network, there are certain key points I look for when selecting images to feature on our social media channels. Trust me, this is no easy feat. There is more to the job than picking what some perceive are random pictures and tagging chefs in featured selections. It’s about their content, brand, consistency, resolution of images, engagements and more.

When I first began, I had to carefully study chef Engagements (Likes, Comments, Shares, and/or Repost) over a period of time. This helped me determine what really gauged your overall attention.

The rules of engagement from my perspective is simply a guide which will help to not only increase your following, but build and expand your Brand over a period of time. When implementing, it is important to focus on the process rather than the results. This is critical because it is easy to become discouraged when you are not seeing the results when and how you want.

Eight Rules of Engagement:

Target: Choose a Social Media platform that will best reach your existing and potential clients. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat)

Consistency: Pick a consistent time period in the day to upload content. Whether it is before work or after work. Make sure it is around the same time. Consistency is critical when building a following or clientele.

Visibility: Select (1) Social Media Platform to have (2) different Social Media accounts. One thing I have noticed a lot on Social Media, is that people like to mix business with pleasure. Meaning personal content over shadows the content you want your followers to see.

Accessibility: If you want your work to become more visible, have your profile set to Public. I am quite sure you have great photos that you would love to share to the world. This is your time to shine and make your unique print in the world of culinary.

Respond: Always try to respond in a timely manner to all inquiries. After all, it could be a potential client. Set some time aside to Thank your followers for Engaging (Likes, Comments, Shares, and/or Repost) on your post.

Hashtag Nation: There is ultimate power in Hashtags (#). Hashtags are viewed as a signature, similar to the ones found in emails.

Quality vs. Quantity: It is not the number of post you upload, but the quality in the post you upload. If you cannot afford a photographer to capture candid shots of your dishes, investing in a digital camera will allow you to produce quality images showcasing your work.

Details, Details and More Details: It’s ALL in the details! Detailed descriptions of your dishes are key when attracting followers. Incorporating key ingredients as hashtags is also advised. The more information you provide, the better (i.e. nutritional information, ingredients, measurements, and yielding sizes). People want as much information as possible.

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Love this information as we are currently trying to expand our social media presence.