~ Tirzah Love ~

Chef Tirzah Love is a Private Chef and Caterer. Her love of cooking began at the age of nine, but her path to becoming a chef was far from straight forward. After working in private industry for over 6 years, Chef Tirzah realized that "If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life"- Thus beginning her transition into becoming a chef and the birth of Tirzah Catering LLC. Chef Tirzah started her career by creating a simple blog which soon grew into catering requests for wedding receptions, baby showers, and upscale adult birthday celebrations. Through the powers of social media, Chef Tirzah was able to market her business effectively by expressing her passion for healthy, organic and GMO free cuisine. In 2013 Chef Tirzah’s culinary career reached new heights when she was asked to be a Private Chef for select players on the Sacramento Kings. She is currently working with the players and enjoys educating them on“conscious eating.” Along with being a full time private chef, Chef Tirzah also prepares healthy meals for individulas on the go. Additionally she teaches cooking classes called "Cooking with Tirzah" at the beautiful Soul Food Farm in Vacaville, CA where she is focusing on conscious eating, raw foods, and meatless options. One of the highlights of Chef Tirzah's career is when she was a featured chef on Guy's Grocery Games (Family Edition). Although she was not the final winner of the challenge, the experience only fueled her to continue on her mission as a healthy lifestyle chef. Forever a student, Chef Tirzah tirelessly works towards expanding her knowledge base by researching healing foods, reading cookbooks, and creating fresh new recipes for her clients. She is determined to educate those around her on GMO’s, the benefits of eating organic and the simple yet profound truth that “You are what you eat. So don't be fast, cheap, easy or fake."